July 8, 2020

Not Steve Martin

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Okay, so probably only some older people will get that.

Posting this here since Facebook is still thinking Current Archaeology is some sort of eeeeeeeevil site.

Analysing injuries from medieval arrows

Human remains with signs of arrow wounds were found in a burial ground associated with a 13th-century friary that was excavated by Exeter Archaeology between 1997 and 2007 as part of a construction project in Princesshay, Exeter city centre. A study of the bones by a team at the University of Exeter has now been published in The Antiquaries Journal (https://doi.org/10.1017/S0003581520000116).

The team examined 22 bone fragments and three teeth, which were part of a collection of disarticulated remains bearing evidence of traumatic injuries at or around the time of death. It appears that these individuals may have died in battle, and that their bones were moved from their original burial location to the consecrated ground of the cemetery at a later date, which would explain their state of disarticulation.

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