June 8, 2020

I knew they’d find them if they’d just wait. . . . . and wait. . . . . .and wait. . . . .

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<a href=”https://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2020/06/305224/archaeologists-discover-ancient-flint-quartzite-tools-in-casablanca/”>Archaeologists Discover Ancient Flint, Quartzite Tools in Casablanca</a>

<blockquote>A Moroccan-French scientific team has discovered ancient flint and quartzite tools dating back more than one million years in the “Thomas I” site in Casablanca, Morocco’s Ministry of Culture announced on June 8 in a press release.

The discovered small stone tools, not exceeding six centimeters in length, date back to the Acheulean civilization in Africa. The Acheulean civilization, estimated to have existed between 1.76 and 0.13 million years ago, is known for developing distinctive stone tools.</blockquote>

Point of Parliamentary procedure though: It wasn’t really a “civilization”.

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