December 30, 2017

Paper du jour

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Okay, kiddos, here is a paper I’ve told you about before. I’m not sure if I have to, but This Paper Is Posted and Linked to Temporarily for Educational Purposes Only.

R.C. Dunnell 1983 Aspects of the Spatial Structure of the Mayo Site (15-JO-14) Johnson County, Kentucky.

(Sorry about the sideways nature of it, I’m going to futz with it and see if I can’t get a better PDF. Otherwise, print it out. [Update: You can rotate the view in Reader])

With that out of the way, I’m going to re-read it again and invite y’all to do the same. I daresay this is probably my favorite archaeological paper ever. Which is weird. I know.

It’s really not a Big Deal of a paper, but I think it’s a wonderful example of clear writing and what is possible with limited data.

Also it was a huge cautionary tale for me when I realized that all — really the vast majority — of stuff archaeologists collect will end up deteriorating to nothing within not too many years. It was an eye-opener.

It also more or less drove my dissertation research.

Enjoy. Will be back to blather about it some more after I’ve gone through it again.

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