September 14, 2017

Using old data I

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I was going to post a link to one of my favorite papers, one by RC Dunnell called Aspects of the Spatial Structure of the Mayo Site (15-JO-14), Johnson County, Kentucky but I’ve not been able to track down a PDF copy (I was sure I had one somewhere). Not sure why I lit upon that topic but I’ve wanted to link to it for a while now. It’s a really neat study using previously collected artifacts and it really makes a lot out of a little. I’ll try to get to it sometime (I’m searching my various backup drives now).

It was actually sort of the inspiration for this paper that I did (submitted it to a journal, rejected, and now part of our monograph: Human Burials at Kom el-Hisn. What I tried to do in that is integrate some of our burials — which are few, because they were incidental to the other work — with those from work done back in the late 1940s and 1950s. Someone else (referenced therein) had already tried to go through their burial data but it was limited as well, due to poor record keeping and pretty much everything else from that earlier work.

Can’t say I came up with any earth-shattering insights. . . .it ended up being far more descriptive than analytic, unfortunately — but I managed to tease out a few relevant observations. I still think, for example, that a bunch of burials are later Old Kingdom rather than FIP or MK. (I notice that document doesn’t have any figures either).

Actually I have quite a few more papers that I might upload (or find links to).

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