March 6, 2017

Not the 4X4.

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Archaeologists in Alaska uncover campsite used by survivors of doomed Russian ship

On a voyage to the remote settlements on Alaska’s southeast coast, the ill-fated Russian ship The Neva round aground during the brutally cold winter of 1813. More than 30 people aboard the vessel died and another 28 limped ashore where two more died of hypothermia in the harsh Alaskan wilderness before the remaining survivors were rescued three weeks later.

While the story of The Neva is well known throughout Alaska, the location of the shipwreck and how the survivors endured in that rugged landscape with little more than what was in their pockets has remained a mystery for over two centuries.

But the recent discovery by an international team of researchers funded by the National Science Foundation of a campsite used by the survivors has shed new light on what life was like for the survivors and pointed the archeologists to the Neva’s final resting place.

Nice little piece of detective work. I especially liked the misguided compass possibility and that they were looking in the wrong place due to uplift.

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