October 10, 2016

Fight! Fight! Part II

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Tribe disputes state archaeologist’s report

Picha wrote in the memo that seven State Historical Society archaeologists surveyed a 1.36-mile pipeline corridor west of Highway 1806 at the request of the task force, which is investigating the circumstances surrounding a Sept. 3 pipeline protest, including whether cultural sites were disturbed by pipeline construction.

Gruebele said authorities didn’t have enough support to file an affidavit for a search warrant that would have allowed for Eagle to be present for the survey.

The archaeologists did a pedestrian survey at seven-meter interval spacing, inspecting the stripped ground surface and both sides of the stockpiled topsoil berms, Picha wrote. The survey found 10 locations with bone fragments and teeth from small mammals, but no human bone or evidence of burials, the memo states.

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