January 18, 2016

Sacred? Kill it.

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Scanning Sobek
mummy of the crocodile god

The ancient Egyptians believed this mummy was incarnation of the crocodile god Sobek. Nearly 4 metres long, it is coated with resin and has over 25 mummified crocodile hatchlings attached to its back. This display uses state-of-the-art CT scans to reveal this creature’s hidden secrets. Other objects show how Sobek was represented both as a crocodile and as a man with a crocodile’s head.

It’s a neat little interactive CT scan that you can get closeups of. A bit limited but still pretty neat-o. And remember, when they say “sacred” they don’t necessarily mean “treated with kindness”. If you were a “sacred” animal in Egypt, most often it meant being raised in the hundreds if not thousands (if not millions) just to be summarily killed and used as a sacrificial offering.

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