December 29, 2015

I would have thought it would be in Massachusetts, but. . . . .

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Construction crew unearths remains of ‘corduroy road’ in Fairfax

It’s not visible to passersby. But it has been preserved, thanks to the quick work of county and state agencies, and an archaeologist hopes it can lead to a virtual reconstruction of what Fairfax’s landscape looked like during the Civil War.

This rare find is a road to the past, a cedar-log highway believed to date to when Union and Confederate forces trod the ground now occupied by George Mason University students and suburban families. But it wasn’t found in a planned archaeological dig; it was discovered by county employees completing a public works project.

I like it. They found it, stopped construction, got permits quickly, mapped it, moved them to install the hardware, and then put them back where they should be safe. Not sure about cutting the logs though, but it’s kind of unclear if they cut them right through to put in the pipe or moved them and then put them back. If the former, I would have thought they’d have taken some time to relocate the pipe.

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