October 8, 2015

So we’re all Eurasians. Or Africans. Whatever.

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Scientists Sequence First Ancient Human Genome From AfricaI

n recent years, scientists have found segments of DNA in Ethiopians and other Africans that bear a striking resemblance to those found in people from Europe and Asia. They proposed that there was a “backflow” of genes into Africa roughly 3,000 years ago.

Dr. Pinhasi and his colleagues found that Mota, who lived 1,500 years before that time, had no trace of Eurasian DNA in his genome. “It’s an African without this backflow,” he said.

Armed with this early genome, Dr. Pinhasi and his colleagues took a new look at the spread of Eurasian genes into Africa. They pinpointed the source of the DNA to ancient farmers in the Near East. Once those people spread into Africa, their DNA traveled across the continent over the generations.

Short summary: We travel around and mate with anything that moves.

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