September 17, 2015

Hmmmmmm. . . . .

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Loot found by treasure hunters above Nazi gold train tunnel

Treasure hunters scouring the woods above the tunnel where the Nazi train is said to be hidden have claimed to have found a Nazi Eagle, gold coins and other WWII memorabilia which they say is ‘proof’ it may really be packed with priceless jewels.
The local two men, who refused to be named, recovered the ‘treasure’ from the hill in Walbrzych, Poland, which has become the centre of fevered speculation over the last two weeks, ever since it was revealed two men had ‘discovered’ a Nazi train hidden in a secret tunnel underneath it.
They showed MailOnline pictures of coins, a German helmet and a Nazi Eagle they found at the site, adding: ‘There is still a lot of treasure like this lying around. If that train is in the tunnel, it could well contain more of this, a lot more.’

DUnno, I’m starting to wonder if they might really be on to something. . . . . .

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