October 27, 2014

In small things remembered

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Nice presentation on an individual headstone, from the NCPTT:

The 20th and 21st-century stones that typically attract our attention are the ones that modern cutting, inscribing, and painting technologies have allowed producers to customize with the trappings of a decedent’s profession, interests, or visage, but stones that are small and possess little or no ornamentation are the ones that we walk right on by. They are truly small things forgotten.

One of these is the headstone of William Peters Reeves in the Kenyon College Cemetery in Gambier, Ohio. It carries his name, his birth and death dates, a Latin epitaph, non nobis solum sed toti mundo nati, not for ourselves only are we born but for all the world, an appropriate parting sentiment for a career educator.

Video at the link which I haven’t watched yet. On wishes nearly every name on a headstone could have this sort of history written about the person.

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