January 16, 2014

Joining the carnival

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Apparently there’s a Blogging Archaeology session at this year’s SAAs and I’ve been invited to join a carnival of archaeology blogging. See here. This month’s question is:
What are your best (or if you want your worst) post(s) and why? Compare and contrast your different bests/worsts.

Probably this one:

Seidemann notes that (1) and 2(b) probably would not be substantially affected by the new regulation. However, (2a) “could be substantially affected by the proposed change [by allowing] for the repatriation of items regardless of their cultural or genetic affilation, simply by virtue of their location on tribal lands”; and 2(c) “could allow for repatriation claims by nonculturally affilated groups whose Native American ancestors once occupied the same land as those of a pre-Native American group”.

Hmmmm. At first glance, we don’t know how 2(a) would be different from what it is now, largely due to our ignorance of the way the law now works. We assume that anything found on tribal lands belongs to the tribe in much the same way that whatever is found on private property belongs to the land owner. We could, of course, be mistaken in this.

Errrrrm, that was when I first started and was using the royal “we” as sort of a joke. That was also when I did a lot of essay-type posts rather than the short link-driven ones I’ve been doing. But as you can see, Instapundit linked to it and my hit-count went from something like 130/day to over a thousand. They used to call that an “Instalanche”. I still like that series of posts on the new NAGPRA wording and don’t disagree with my analysis even at this late date. I was probably a bit naive that the Powers That Be were acting in good faith though. It also got picked up by some other places, at least one of which kind of ripped me for not being wholeheartedly against the change.

Worst one? What?

Okay, one of my first posts I made fun of shell midden side walls. A couple commenters ripped me for not knowing anything (even though I was trained on a shell midden). That made me start to get more detached and not so snarky for a while. I’ve since settled on “Eh, f*** ‘em if they can’t take a joke”. You know.

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