February 12, 2013

Modern Artifacts

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From the vinyl files:

Desert Fox

That would be Styx II and Firefall’s Elan. The former completes my Styx vinyl collection which stops at Pieces of Eight; I don’t like the later ones. So they would be Styx II, Equinox, Crystal Ball, The Grand Illusion, and Pieces of Eight. I had all of these at one point originally, but now only the last two are original with me. Plus I’ve got an unopened Japanese pressing of Grand Illusion sitting here, too. The new one is in really great condition so far.

The other one isn’t actually one of my favorites, but it’s one of those goofy ones my brother bought new and I inherited at some point. They were always kind of a “B” band, probably destined to always be an opening act, although Strange Way was a pretty big hit. Anyway, the only reason I bought it is because yesterday I thought of it for some reason, and then today it was sitting there right in the front for 99 cents so I figured it was fate.

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