January 15, 2013

“Great Scott,” he ejaculated, “I do believe it’s the Great Penis Temple!”

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Temple honoring penis god pops up in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s National History Museum is boasting about an impressive new endowment. Archaeologists have unearthed an ancient temple dedicated to the Greek god Priapus, more or less the patron saint of penises, in the southern town of Sozopol on the Black Sea. The tip-off for the temple’s possible locale: a clay phallus inscribed “To Priapus” discovered during a dig.

It’s been a schlong time since I’ve seen anything that interesting. . . . .

Also see here with yet another rendition for your viewing, um, pleasure.

These things aren’t all that uncommon, during the 1996 season at Memphis we were excavating in what seems to have been a dump for a local ceramic manufacturing outfit and found a number of priapically-endowed little (heh) Bes figurines. Oddly, however, one of them was of a normally-proportioned person (Bes was a dwarf), excepting of course for the humongous. . . .tract of land.

I don’t even have a category for this post. . . .nor shall I create one, mind you.

And NO ‘Artist’s conception’ either!

UPDATE: ‘It’s the Great Penis Temple, Charlie Brown!’

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