January 13, 2013

It’s Out There. . . . .and coming soon!

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The 20th anniversary of The X-Files that is. September 10, 1993 according to Wikipedia. The early ’90s were kind of exciting for me, in good ways and bad. I went to Egypt in ‘91, ‘93, and ‘94, two times on Don Ryan’s project to the Valley of the Kings and once on my own to the Fayum. The former were productive, the latter not so much. Plus I’d started working full time at a place I’d stay on for 15 years, seeing me through to the end of my graduate school career and a Ph.D. I did my MA thesis in 1989-91. Met the future ArchaeoWife.

I always thought of X-Files as sort of a son of Twin Peaks because each dealt with creepiness and FBI agents, with an additional nod to The Silence of the Lambs. But Chris Carter also got a lot of his inspiration from The Night Stalker series which I also adored. I have most of the set and still pull it out and watch some favorite episodes every now and then. They did black humor remarkably well. I also really liked the Millennium spinoff. Actually, both of those shows got me to not minding the climate around here (Pacific NW) as much, eventually coming to like all the clouds and rain (both were filmed up in Vancouver BC).

I suppose as kind of a science nerd it should irritate me as it tended to go into all sorts of conspiracy theories and pseudo-science, but that never really bothered me. IN an interview, Carter said he was giving a talk to some skeptics society or other and was worried about how they’d react since his show was all about the conspiracy theories and pseudo-science that they were constantly trying to debunk. But he echoed my feelings, saying that it was science fiction shows like this that often got people interested in science in the first place, and that’s very true. And they could be remarkably tongue-in-cheek about it a good part of the time.

I’ll probably do a longer post when the actual anniversary comes up, but wanted to toss this out there now as something of a reminder.

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