December 31, 2012

Don’t tell Indiana Jones

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It actually should have started out with this quote: “We still have absolutely no idea what these people were doing or what the point of it was”

At the time the Nazca Lines, which span 85 square miles, were drawn, “people were not looking at this stuff from the air, they were looking at stuff from the ground level,” said Timothy Ingold, a cultural anthropologist at the University of Aberdeen, who was not involved in the study. “To appreciate what they might have meant to ordinary people, then you have to walk them.”

While that seems like an obvious first step, in actuality, very few archaeologists have studied the Nazca Lines from that vantage point, because most of the pictures drawn out by the lines are only visible from foothills above or from space.

I think I’d heard of this idea in the not-too-distant past. They suggest it might have been for ritualized walking — i.e., no people actually walk them, just spirits or gods or whatever — which seems to me more likely than for actual walking with would quickly degrade them. Let’s hope the new-agers don’t decide they need to descend upon the place and start walking all of them.

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