December 26, 2012

Bodies, bodies everywhere

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Mexican archaeologists find another 1,200 year-old grave at Atzompa in Oaxaca

A pre Hispanic sepulcher of around 1200 years old, which must have belonged to a middle class Zapotecan family that worked to sustain the elite, was discovered in the Archaeological Zone of Atzompa, Oaxaca. The finding of this pre Hispanic site, opened recently for the public, was registered during the archaeological work by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH – Conaculta), to safeguard the remains of an old housing site, which was estimated to be inhabited around 750 and 900 AD. This is the fourth tomb that has been found near the metropolis in Monte Alban after the discovery of a funerary complex composed of three sepulchers inside a building occupied by the elite of Atzompa earlier this year.

I admit that this business about burying them under the floor of the house is new to me, at least here. One would suspect this wasn’t a regular occurrence or there would, quite literally, be bodies, bodies everywhere.

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