December 22, 2012

It’s the ’80s again!

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(as I type this I’m listening to Sade, too!) Jazzercise is back, so you can’t make fun of it anymore!

But somewhere around the turn of the century, Jazzercise the workout became Jazzercise the punch line, a comic relic from a bygone era of fitness along with Jell-O salad and Thighmaster.

But you know what aerobics instructors say: “Own it, ladies.”

In the past few years, Jazzercise has made a comeback, capitalizing on the name recognition while re-branding for a modern audience. There were the updated workout DVDs, the new partnership with “Dancing with the Stars’” Cheryl Burke, the cheeky homage from Gwyneth Paltrow on ” Glee,” and even the release of a Jazzercise mobile app for the millennials. On December 30, A&E’s competition show “Be the Boss” will devote an entire episode to two Jazzercise instructors competing for a studio.

The one song I remember from the era of Jazzercise is the theme from Beverly Hills Cop, The Heat is On by Glen Frey:

That was a really great song. And video. One of the best to merge the movie scenes with a decent video.

Of course, back in those days every female in an “aerobics” class wore about the same thing: black spandex tights and an oversized white t-shirt. . . .

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