December 16, 2012

And for some vinyl fun. . . . .

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I meant this vinyl:

Tahnee Udero is a radio and live DJ, an experimental musician and—perhaps most importantly—a voraciously curious and historically minded record collector. She started seriously collecting seven years ago, and says she loves the physicality and ritual of crate-digging at record stores, thrift stores and estate sales. You can learn a lot about a city by its used record bins, says Udero. She would know, with her collection of about 3,000 LPs and a 45 repository numbering around 600. She deejays the old-school way with two turntables.

I was going to diss this sort of thing — the obsession with vinyl — but OTOH there are probably some recordings that are now and for the foreseeable future available only in their original, i.e., vinyl, format since there’d not be enough of a market to remaster (or minimally re-cut) them into digital format. They have a few listed at the bottom of the article, only one that I’d ever even heard of.

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