December 12, 2012

Lost civilization village. . . .found

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Israeli Archaeologists Unearth ‘Elite’ Stone Age Society

An excavation of an ancient village in the north of Israel has unearthed hundreds of artifacts linking the residents’ upper class to Mesopotamia and other distant civilizations.

Archaeologist Yair Milevski, who headed the excavation together with Nimrod Getzov at the Ein Tzipori site, near Nazareth, told Xinhua Monday that this discovery helps understand Stone Age upper class society and commerce in the area.

“We discovered some kind of elite part of society that lived in this village and who were in contact with other cities in the northern Levant — even in Anatolia and Mesopotamia,” Milevski said.

I’m not really certain of the significance of this. . . .it’s not that unusual for elites to be trading with far-flung empires although this is a bit earlier than one usually finds these sorts of relationships doing large-scale trading. Actually, I’ll walk that back a bit: it is pretty significant, albeit not unique that early. So there you go.

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