December 10, 2012

Canis archaeologicus?

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Meet Migaloo, World’s First “Archaeology Dog”

Since a canine nose is equipped with some 200 million more olfactory receptors than a human’s, scientists are increasingly turning to dogs as field assistants to track and monitor populations of wild species.

Such “conservation dogs” can sniff out creatures as small as a lizard or as large as a gorilla, pinpoint where invasive plants are growing, and even guide marine biologists to fresh whale poop. (See pictures of scat research.) But can a dog smell the past?

Australian dog trainer Gary Jackson of Multinational K9 has trained a black lab mix named Migaloo as the world’s first “archaeology dog,” able to locate bones that are hundreds of years old. He spoke with National Geographic magazine’s Amanda Fiegl.

Not the first, as we here at ArchaeoBlog have seen.

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