December 5, 2012

Bodies, bodies everywhere!

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Archaeologists Get Bird’s-Eye View of Dozens of Nameless Graves Discovered at UVa

Archaeologists are getting a new perspective of the abandoned gravesite near UVa.’s University Cemetery. Researchers are looking to the skies to learn more about what’s hidden underground.

A camera strapped to a balloon snapped hundreds of aerial photos of the land Tuesday morning.

“We just fly it up, take a picture every two seconds and then sort through the pictures,” said Chris Gist, a GIS Specialist in the Scholars’ Lab at Alderman Library. “It gives us an advantage that we can get up in height over the site without destroying it.”

It’s got the TV news story video to go along with it, which mostly restates the text. I’m not entirely sure what the aerial photos are going to show that you don’t get from the ground. It looks as if they’ve already outlined some of the graves by scraping off the topsoil, but perhaps they are getting better views from above?

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