December 4, 2012


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Actually since Saturday night (late), but haven’t been doing much except recovering. . . .and eating all sorts of stuff I have been deprived of for the last two months. Posting is resuming shortly. And. . .I have some thoughts I’m going to expound upon. Of a somewhat controversial nature. And possibly life-trajectory changing. But that’s later. For now. . . .

“Welcome to my unicorn lair.”

Unicorn lair apparently discovered by North Korean archaeologists

In a claim that’s incredible even for a totalitarian state that’s reported its former dictator was a world-class golfer the first time he played and that his birth was announced by a double rainbow, the Korean Central News Agency says its country’s archaeologists have proven the existence of unicorns.

The news organization reported that archaeologists have “reconfirmed” the existence of a unicorn lair that belonged to an ancient king. It says a trek into Pyongyang City, about 200 meters from a temple by the name of Yongmyong, will lead you to a rectangular rock carved with the words “Unicorn Lair.”

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