November 28, 2012

Notes from the field

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Just another quickie update: I am d-u-n DUN. With all of my own work, that is. I have finished my report and gotten all of my paperwork together and finished back filling the Bath. No photos, though I might go back over tomorrow and take a couple, but it’s not a lot to look at with most of the sand back in. Well, when I get back I have some other photos that I might post. It went well. We backfilled one entire room that had a very saggy wall and dumped sand over a few other things that people need to avoid sitting or standing on. So it’s done. And I’m done.

I’m still going out to the site tomorrow to help the ladies fill up their trench, so I have one more day in the field, but it won’t be too strenuous (I hope).

Then Friday morning I leave the camp (probably around 4), stay at a hotel nearish to the airport — demonstrations planned for Cairo Friday — and then at 10:30 Saturday morning I begin the long trip home.

Oh, and I finally drove in Egypt! Never done that before. I drove from the site and then back out and back again. Not too bad, really, although there wasn’t much traffic. Hee! I channeled Jeremy Clarkson: “How hard can it be?”

Probably post again once I am home, probably next Monday unless I have something exciting to say on the way back.

Over and out.

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