November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Not that anyone will be reading this all weekend, having lives the way you do. But as I sit here in Egypt, I thought I’d express good wishes to all of those with friends and family today. I am personally thankful to have at least a few people enjoying my — our — missives here on ArchaeoBlog.

Nothing special here today, just an ordinary work day, although as I finished my work in the bath house yesterday, today was all about starting the report. Had trouble with the introductory bits, but I just moved on and started the descriptions of the actual work. Hopefully, I will finish that by Monday so I can go out on survey on the northern side of the Lake with the Kiwis to look for Neolithic stuff. I may go out to see Kom W tomorrow, a famous site that established the earliest agricultural(ish) economy in Egypt. It may be full already and I was not feeling too well today for a bit (I think something may be wending its way through my GI tract). Otherwise, I’ll do more on my report and start putting together a little presentation for the group on what I/we’ve been doing in the bath all season.

Will also be returning a little earlier than planned, Dec. 1. No emergency or anything, but I’d planned on staying until the 10th but the bath house work didn’t require as much paperwork to prepare at the end, so I have the time left over. That I could use to go out and survey with the Kiwis, but, well, you know, that would be a lot of work and stuff. Besides, I will be back doing global health when I return so it’s all good.

So, enjoy the long weekend. . . .while I am slaving away here in the backwaters of the Fayum . . . .

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