November 21, 2012

Notes Quick update from the field

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Last day out on site! Yesterday we cleaned the whole Bath and photographed it for a 3D model rendering — very very cool — and today I went and described each wall and floor for any sort of damage since the 1975 and later restoration and various other observations. I didn’t notice any new damage, but did find a few other things of interest, such as some walls that were unexpectedly different and such. As one might expect, the parts that were covered up with sand for the last 40-some years were fine; those that were uncovered suffered. Tomorrow (Thursday) I begin writing the report which will be heavy with photographs to document the state it is in right now, 2012. I think Sunday we will start selectively backfilling it with sand. We’ll cover up most of the floors and lower parts of walls where there is still plaster preserved, and one entire room where a wall is in danger of collapsing. It will limit access — which is good — but we intend to put up signage and offer a way to direct people around the outside for a better viewing of the interior, so perhaps that will suffice.

I do have some photos to share, but it’s been iffy uploading them. Will try later this evening and/or tomorrow.

Which is Thanksgiving. Except here, where we are working and will do it on Friday instead. With turkey! I thought I’d heard our dinner a few nights ago, but I was mistaken: they bought a frozen one.

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  1. Have you ever 3D printed a model of a site when it’s finished?

    Comment by Jack Spectre — December 4, 2012 @ 8:41 am

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