November 20, 2012

Car Lust update

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Had a go with an update of the Great Cars of Egypt:

I’m kind of sad seeing so few of those old 504s and Ladas and Fiats all over. They were kind of foreign and exotic and, you know, different. Now most of them all look pretty much the same: rolling, rounded jellybeans, only differing from one another by the badge on the front grille and the name on the back. And now with the Tuk Tuks the streets of Egypt probably don’t look too much different from those of Bombay or Bangkok. Oh, I’ll happily fasten my seat belt in the new vehicles and feel marginally safer, but it won’t have quite the same caché as a 504 wagon with its rakish headlights and long-throw suspension.

I also reminisce about some of the changes that have taken place in the time I’ve been coming to Egypt. No photos of the field quite yet, but I have some nice ones of the bath coming.

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