November 14, 2012

“Yes, we have no more photos . . .”

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At least not today at any rate. Nothing terribly interesting happened today in the bath house, although I did have quite a lovely bit of afternoon cleaning it and listening to Rush on my headphones. Notably Rush because they played Seattle last night AND I MISSED THEM. Gollygoshdarndangitall. But it was a nice time anyway.

Tomorrow I just need to clean up, photograph, and take elevations on the street outside the bath because we’ve probably found what the street level was, and then. . . .well, I don’t know. Probably go over and help out at another trench. Let’s see, the one with the 55-year old Dutch man or the one with the hot 20-something females. . . .hmmmm. . . . .

Other than that, I shall be riding in a Tuk Tuk tomorrow, which, as the link indicates, is a little 3-wheeled contraption. They only started getting those things here a few years ago so I’ve never been in one here or elsewhere. Mostly doing research for a Car Lust post, but I happened to convince one of the aforementioned 20-something females to accompany me.

Can you tell I’m been here a while?????

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