November 10, 2012

The DNA of Aztec conquest

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I meant to add this some time ago, but I’ve been away and forgot to take my log-in details with me.  Still, better late than never.  There’s an interesting report on the Nature website about a recent paper in the American Journal of  Physical Anthropology about DNA research into the replacement of the population of the city state of Xaltocan by the Aztecs.

The decline of one group of Mexico’s Otomí people is an anthropological cold case. In the fifteenth century, the population of the city state of Xaltocan all but vanished, replaced by the growing Aztec culture. But the ultimate fate of the Otomí in the region is known only as an outline pieced together from conflicting historical documents and archaeological evidence. A genetic study recording the biological comings-and-goings of the Otomí now deepens the mystery.

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