November 10, 2012

More re recent discovery of Egyptian princess

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 Dvur pricezny Sheretnebty


There have been a lot of stories about the discovery of the tomb of a 5th Dynasty princess in Abusir, Egypt (south of Cairo, just north of Saqqara), and a set of related elite burials.  The best photographs are on the official Czech posting on the subject (but with no English version of the text) and a set of English language links at the end.  Another good source is  the Luxor Times (with brief description and a good selection of photographs).

There has been some confusion over the identification of a new king called Men-Salbo in the hieroglyphs on columns in the courtyard of the princess’s tomb, but this was a mus-interpretation of the lower part of the text (thanks to Aayko Eyma on EEF for that clarification).

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