November 8, 2012

A hot bath sounds good about now …

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All this talk about Roman baths makes me envious and a bit wistful.  First, I love a good hot bath (especially now that we are under a winter storm watch).  Second, I love archaeology.  And what does an archaeologist do on vacation?  Go and see archaeological sites, of course.  My family and I stumbled upon an awesome Roman villa in southern France (actually I made them think it was luck, but I had been planning to visit it for at least three years).  The Villa was an outpost of the Roman empire, yet had more hot baths than any other known Roman villa (anywhere), and is in Séviac in the Midi-Pyrénées  portion of France (the Gers).  The site is well known for the thermal baths (and a frigidarium or two) but is famous for its Roman mosaics.  WOW.  Take a look at their website and look at the wonderful images (slideshow entitled “See the Medias”) and textual information.  We went on a drizzly day, which was actually fortunate because the mosaics are best viewed when wet (it brings out the color).  The site dates to the 4th century A.D. and was found reasonably recently in the 1960s, by accident.  The preservation is wonderful, although it is mostly columns and foundations.

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