November 7, 2012

Notes from the bath house

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And more photos! Today was a pleasant day, marred only by my waking up before four. =( But I got up at 4 and had a leisurely morning anyway, so it wasn’t all bad. I actually spent most of the day at the bath house by myself — I usually have between 2 and 6 workers with me removing sand. But they were needed elsewhere so I was alone most of the day. Very nice. We had been looking for a drainage system coming out of one wall, but hadn’t had any luck for some reason. So after the guys left I was able to just sit there and trowel around looking for it. And I did!

That, I believe, is the start of it as it laves the building. Unfortunately, I took this photo early in the process and so it only shows the one ‘pipe’ (not sure what it really is, I assume some sort of covered pipe of ceramic); there is actually a second one to the right of that one that I found later on. I’ll get a better photo tomorrow as there are some interesting stratigraphic items going on.

Next up, the Rock of Unknown Origins:

It’s just a large rock sitting in the middle(ish) of the floor. Its not next to a wall or anything so it didn’t fall from anywhere, and it’s sitting on top of wind blown sand:

So we know it got there sometime after the last time it was cleaned out (either in 1975 or some time in the 1980s). I think someone just chucked it in there for whatever reason.


That is one of the drainage spots. Oddly, I’d completely missed seeing it for like three days. When I first cleaned off that area I saw some small holes down which some sediment was flowing and I made a note to myself to go back and look there, but then forgot about it. And I’d really cleaned it off! Finally today I went over to locate them and all I had to do was brush a bit and there they showed up. There is one other one somewhere, but I haven’t specifically gone to find that one yet.

Tomorrow I;ll have another few photos including the drainage system with some interesting stratigraphy.

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