June 18, 2012

Lost civilization volcano. . . . .found(?)

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Geoscientist claims to have found mystery volcano that caused mighty 13th century blast

For years, geoscientists have known that a volcano erupted sometime in the mid thirteenth century, with nearly unprecedented force. Skies were darkened and the entire planet experienced a temporary cooling. What’s not been known though, is which volcano it was and the exact year that it blew. Scientists have informally agreed that the event likely occurred in the year 1258. Now however geoscientist Franck Lavigne of Panthéon-Sorbonne University, is claiming that he has proof that the volcano actually erupted a year earlier than that, and what’s more, he says, he knows which volcano it was, but won’t say until his paper has been published in an as yet still unnamed journal.

Not much there, really, except that it’s probably somewhere in Indonesia (surprise!). More on the eruption here.

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