April 14, 2012

100 years

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Remember, tonight’s the night:

Probably should have done this earlier seeing as most everyone will not be reading this tonight, but it’s been such a nice day here I was busy all day. You can see this page for an analysis of the time line and what time things actually happened in your own time zone. We’re right now about 40-55 minutes away from the ice berg strike, 7:50-8:07 PDT. Those poor people. As much as I geek out about the ship and the artifacts and such, I always try to think of what it would have been like to be on that ship knowing you were going to die soon. Would I panic? Would I become calm in those final moments like I hear people often do? Maybe I would have tried to make it so that I at least rode it to the bottom and become part of the wreck myself, I dunno.

That photo, btw, is the last one of the ship.

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