September 27, 2011

And another thing

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Here’s Why No One Reads Your Blog
She gives three reasons: You’re boring, You’re a waffler, You’re not a controversialist.

I actually can relate to some of that. Which is why I don’t regularly regale you, the loyal reader, with the various cute and rambunctious antics of my various cats, except on rare occasions. Admittedly, I kind of fail on the second two. I could, of course, blurt out my opinion on various aspects of archaeological theory and practice — say, for example, by taking a purely hypothetical example of perhaps saying that post-processualism is a waste of time — but mostly only tenured professors can get away with that stuff since they can piss off whoever they want and still have a job. I remain committed to criticizing things fairly gently since A) I still have to work, and B) It’s not like we’re usually talking about life and death here anyway. Oh! Maybe that will be my controversialist stand! “Archaeology is not all that.” Go ahead and disagree with me vociferously, commenting furiously and linking to it all over the place!

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  1. I think the only way archaeology could “be all that,” is if you give a post-processualist, controversialist (read bullshit) interpretation of what you find: otherwise it is rather mundane (but mundane doesn’t get you grants).

    Comment by JamesK — October 2, 2011 @ 7:34 am

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