June 30, 2011

More Kom el-Hisn photos

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These are just for fun but I’ll be putting a few up in the next couple of days that may provide some challenges in identification.
Desert Fox
From L to R: Me, Karla, Genny, Alicia, and Richard Redding. That was in 1988. A wild guess is that it might be Room 15, the one with the tomb, skeleton, and mirror (see here). I’ll need to check the architectural plan, but the other photos are of the burial in there and it looks about like that tomb did. That was near the end of the season so I had lost a LOT of weight.

Desert Fox

No idea who these people are, although the one on the far left might be a little girl named Saha. I have a picture of Saha, me, and her best friend Halil, who was a little boy of the same age. I always thought that was adorable, they went everywhere together and I’ve always wondered if they ended up getting married. This is, I believe, over on the western edge of the site near the existing village in the background. I think the little building in the foreground is the enclosure for the tomb of Khesu-Wer, one of the few inscribed monuments at the place. I had a little fun one day bringing a rubber snake into the trench. . . .

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