February 28, 2011

The real ones, not Steven Spielberg’s dorky ones

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Myths and mysteries: The 13 crystal skulls: Who made them & why?

Intriguing, mysterious and eerie, they are real works of art. The crystal skulls have been of great interest to archaeologists and anthropologists who are curious about their existence and purpose. Why would so much work and time be spent on perfecting a human skull made out of one of the hardest substances known to man after diamonds, rock crystal? The cutting of which requires great expertise and precision and the carving and polishing of which is equally time-consuming? In other words, why a skull?

It is not something that one finds in ancient paintings or carvings, which have all sorts of deities and exotic creatures of fantasy and folklore. Why would anyone want to carve a skull out of clear or milky quartz?

Some goofy stuff in the article, but it’s vaguely informative.

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  1. You might find the article in the Skeptic’s Dictionary informative:


    The conclusion is that all the ones that have been examined are rather transparent frauds.

    Comment by John Roth — March 1, 2011 @ 7:23 am

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