August 31, 2012

Light posting. . . .for a reason!

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Well, little excuse last night, I was watching football! College football, that is. Ahhh, the most wonderful time of the year! And I’m going to miss half the season so I need to get all I can now.

But I’ve also been spending a lot of time on the report for my Calvary work. Apart from supplying them with all of my data and a few recommendations, I was wondering what I should give to the cemetery guys. Finally, it occurred to me that maybe I should do a fairly standard CRM survey report. So I took a typical one and started plugging in everything for this work. There’s a lot there so it’s been time consuming and today I’ve got the Demographic section to do.

And not really wanting to work today. . . . .

August 30, 2012

A celebration of Me

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At Car Lust.

August 29, 2012

And it’s begging for treaties. . . . .

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Archaeologists discover 2,000-year-old jaguar sculpture in Mexico City

Mexican archaeologists have discovered a nearly 2,000-year-old sculpture of a jaguar, an official said.

The one-tonne piece – which measures 1.38 meters long by 87 centimeters high and 52 centimeters wide – “is only engraved on one of its sides with the form of a jaguar, with the front and back paws flexed as if it were lying down”, the director of the National Anthropology and History Institute, or INAH Center in the southern state of Chiapas, Emiliano Gallaga, said.

I have a feeling the first photo there isn’t the one they’re talking about, but it’s kind of neat anyway.

Google Earth pyramids update

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‘Google Earth pyramids’ revisited

Remember that researcher who thought she spotted previously undiscovered Egyptian pyramids in Google Earth imagery? It turns out that there really are some ruins in the picture, but they’re not pyramids.

That’s the verdict of an Italian archaeologist who has been surveying the area around the present-day town of Dimai in Egypt’s Fayoum Desert.

“The features in Google images are well-known since 1925, when they were surveyed by G. Caton-Thompson and E.W. Gardner,” Paola Davoli, an Egyptologist at Italy’s University of Salento and co-director of the Soknopaiou Nesos Project, told me in an email. “They are natural mounds surmounted by a building (the biggest one) and by dug wells (in the other cases). For sure they are not pyramids, but their date and use are still not known.”

Well, there you go, not natural but not unknown either. I should have thought that Caton-Thompson would have surveyed that area since she was all over the Fayum.

August 28, 2012

Fight! Fight!

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Controversy in Mexico over changes to and use of Mayan palaces, Aztec pyramids

“We do have a political aim,” Echenique said. “We want enforcement of the federal laws that protect patrimony.”

In recent days, protest banners have spread to the former palace home of Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortes in Cuernavaca,a historic fort in Puebla and a church in Nuevo Leon, aimed at what one bulletin called “the enemy in the house”— ineffectual leaders of the INAH.

Archaeologists have come from Michoacan to protest the ongoing construction of a museum on a pre-Columbian base at the complex of circular pyramids at Tzintzuntzan, or “place of the hummingbirds,” the capital of the Tarascan people until the Spanish conquest.

Well, you need money for upkeep. . . .

Ummmm, no comment

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What’s it like to study… Egyptology

Just over a decade ago, Gemma Smith decided she was going to be “the next Evelyn O’Connell”. She has since graduated from Swansea University with a first class honours degree in Egyptology, and is about to start her MA in Ancient Egyptian Culture.

Essay by Ms. Smith.

Remote sensing update

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Lidar article from the BBC.
Longish article, and there’s a neat little slideshow at the top giving some before/after shots.

Neater than it seems

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Mysterious tablet’s secrets revealed

The translator of the tablet, Dr. John MacGinnis of Cambridge University, said the tablet was written in Assyrian cuneiform and was very significant for historians and archeologists. The translation of the tablet took a very long time, he said. “We finally realized that women’s names were listed in the text. It is highly probable that these are the names of women who once worked in Tuşhan.”

He said the most surprising thing was that the names on the tablet were not Assyrian. “To figure that out, we were in contact with many specialist colleagues and compared it with many languages in the Middle East. But they said this language did not match any of them. For example it is not Persian, Elam, Egyptian, Arabic, Hebrew or Aramaic.”

But they don’t provide much in the way of a translation, although they do know it contains the names of some women.

It’s blogiversary time!

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Not here, of course, once again this year I forgot about it, but at Car Lust!

Anyway, looking back to those thrilling days of 2007, we find that in January Steve Jobs introduced Teens-on-cell-phonesthe iPhone thereby condemning an entire generation of youths (and adults) to willingly affixing their eyeballs to a little device and as a consequence becoming oblivious to their surroundings. In August of that year (surely a simple coincidence, I assure you) the Storm Worm botnet sent out a record 57 million emails in a single day, sadly eclipsed the very next day by distributors of Cialis. Later that year, the Mitchell Report (also known colloquially as “The Report to the Commissioner of Baseball of an Independent Investigation into the Illegal Use of Steroids and Other Performance Enhancing Substances by Players in Major League Baseball”) found that, to our utter surprise and dismay, baseball players were juicin’ it up. Shocked, shocked!, I know. Next thing they’ll tell us cyclists are using, too.

Somewhere in there I also discovered Top Gear which, together with Car Lust, really opened my eyes to the fact that writing about cars can actually be, you know, entertaining. And not just for high end stuff either; from the AMC Gremlin (“You know a car is terrible when the only people to profess to like it are really only claiming it to enhance their own ironic slumming hipness”) to the Morris Marina (“I’ll guaranteee that nothing exciting, vibrant, dynamic, new, creative, hopeful, or beneficial in any way to humanity has ever been done, thought of, or driven to in that drab, dreary, entirely beige, woefully awful pile of misery”), even the most banal of automobiles can be made at least interesting.

Great little blog.

August 27, 2012

Oh yeah, Mac update

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More irritants. These are not necessarily Mac problems though. I’d been using OpenOffice mostly because it’s free and actually quite good. It has its problems though, mostly involving compatibility with Word which is what I have to share with. And it does weird things with images in text documents, only letting you use “anchors” which I have only vaguely figured out, but the Word people hate them. And it’s difficult to manage different Sections in OO. Hence, I’ve been doing most of the work in OO and then moving it over to Word on my old PC to finish up the images and such.

I finally discovered that I can get Office for Mac from the UW for like $10, as long as I’m affiliated. So I downloaded it and have been using it.

First of all, Word and Excel are tremendous pigs. Huge things and take a long time to load. Today, they became highly irritating as I finally did some serious work in them. First, you can’t use F2 to edit a cell’s contents in Excel; you have to use ctrl-U. F2 copies instead. WTF? What’s wrong with using the same frickin’ keys??? Worse, in Word you can’t just hit the Insert key to switch between Insert and Typeover mode; you have to go through menus to do it: Word|Preferences|Edit|Overtype. Yeah, that’s reeeeeeeal efficient. Idiots. OO doesn’t let you Insert-key switch either, but at least they put a little button at the bottom you can click to switch.

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