July 21, 2014

Aaaaaand we’re back.

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Well, I’m back. Had a marginally hellish week last week complete with lots of report writing along with site update forms. =P

And I was getting ready to show my Mustang II and that took some preparation and the entire weekend. Went, meh. I’ll write another post about that later.

July 8, 2014

Blogging update

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Crazy busy week. Out in the field two days and then I found out that a presentation I thought was next week is this week instead. !!! Happily, I was mostly done with it anyway, even though I’d specifically scheduled the fieldwork for this week so I’d have time to prepare. Oh well, best laid plans. Probably better this way as I won’t have as much time to think about it. Actually, I’m not really nervous, I’ve been giving a lot of these things lately.

I’m presenting my research and plans for alcohol study in Kenya. With some anthro/archy thrown in.

June 23, 2014

Blogging update

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Just getting back, last week was bussssssssy, archaeology-wise. I did one survey up in the San Juans — a 1-day thing — but had lots of reports and stuff to finish. And this computer is getting really slow. Not sure how much is the machine or the software or my internet connection, though I suspect the former. I just ordered a new one — first new computer in like 10 years! — and I’ll have a special little post up once that arrives. Or maybe before, I don’t know.

June 6, 2014

Back from a long week

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Five straight days of fieldwork done. On three different projects! One starting at 4:30 Sunday morning. One 3-day affair on a lovely island. And one on another island that was kind of piddling. But, back. All went pretty well. Had one irate land owner tell us we were trespassing (we weren’t) and called the sheriff on us (he knew he’d probably get called), but they worked it out and we went back out a couple days later and finished. Can’t say much about it mainly because it was kind of boring. We found one isolate, a biface. Will get back to posting Saturday. Here’s some scenery candy in the meantime:

Desert Fox

June 1, 2014

Off for a few days

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Not fun, work. FIeld work. In a faaabulous location, but work nonetheless. Probably won’t post at all this coming week, but maybe so.

As your homework assignment, read this PDF on ancient Egyptian quarries.

Also: Archaeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication. Really!

May 9, 2014


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Light posting due to large amounts of work. Archaeological work! And other stuff, too. But for some reason ever since February all the archaeology firms have been super busy around here. I’ve even begun doing project management cuz we’re so busy.

I haven’t been doing this though:

OSO, Wash. — Contractors have begun removing slide debris from more than a third of a mile of State Route 530, which is covered by mud and dirt 22 or more feet deep. About 600 feet of the road has been recovered so far, but another 1800 feet remains buried.
It’s a careful exercise, because the slide that hit on the morning of March 22 swept people, along with their homes and possessions across SR 530. Scientists say mud, clay, gravel and dirt slammed into the neighborhood along Steelhead Drive at speeds of 60 mph.
That means every scoop of mud and dirt removed by excavators is observed by an archaeologist and a member of the local community for personal effects. Most of the victims were found south of the road during a recovery process that took over a month and much of this dirt had been inspected before.

I got called for it though, but the other place is keeping me too busy. Apparently, it’s basic monitoring, but they’re just looking for personal effects (and a couple remaining bodies, too).

April 30, 2014

Comments not working?

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I just saw a new comment but when I attempted to add one the Captcha refused to work, just kept saying I entered the wrong solution. If someone would like to comment, let me know if it works (duh), although I don’t know how’d I’d know if it didn’t. . . .(I rarely ever check the email for this thing cuz it’s completely inundated with spam)

April 14, 2014

Out in the field tomorrow (Tuesday)

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Hopefully will return with some scenic photos if not anything way cool and archaeological.

March 25, 2014


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Sheesh. The marathon of fieldwork is over! For two days. *sigh*

I’ve been out in the field for the last four business days, all on different projects. An assessment last Thursday, a small survey last Friday, another survey Monday, and monitoring today. And now I’ve just got to figure out what all needs to be written by when. . . . .

March 16, 2014

I am, in fact, still here

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But stupidly busy. The archaeology world has been hectic the last 3-4 weeks, with 5 surveys and the accompanying reports, along with preparing a presentation for the ARCE meetings on a site I last really worked on 15 years ago, and. . .buying a car. YES! A new field vehicle. Will update in a day or so, I hope, along with photos. But. . .busy.

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